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Enjoy more entertainment, variety and value than anywhere else! Our relaxed, natural wooded setting with private pavilion accommodations and game areas provide the perfect backdrop for your event. And, with two parks in one, Idlewild and SoakZone offers a unique combination of exciting rides, thrilling water attractions, unique theme areas, many dining options, fun events, and spectacular shows!

Our sales associates will be happy to assist with questions and reservations. Simply call Idlewild Group Sales at
724-238-6784 or CONTACT GROUP SALES. Or for more information, view our 2018 Group Planning Guide

Discount group tickets and meal options will turn your day into an event!

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Small Groups

10 - 24 Guests

Small groups (10 – 24 guests) can save on admission and time by planning ahead and booking online! Plan your outing and purchase your group’s tickets to be used on any regular season operating date for just $29.00.

Small Group (10 - 24 Guests)
Good Any Date
Price Per Person $29.00*
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*Not included is amusement tax and applicable processing fee

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Large Groups

Groups of 25 or More

We make it easy for you to plan an outing because group events are what we do best! We have a reputation of providing Great FUN and Great VALUE. Compare our group rates and see, dollar for dollar, no one can provide more variety and value on a day of family FUN!

The More You Bring, the More You Save

Get the best rates offered when you select a specific date for your group event. SAVE up to 50% off the regular gate price. Advance reservations required. Contact us for availability, to make your reservation, and get promotional materials to ensure your event is a success.

25 - 99 Guests
2018 Per-Person Ticket Rate $26.50
25 - 99 Guests
2018 Per-Person Ticket Rate $28.50
100 - 499 Guests
2018 Per-Person Ticket Rate $22.25
100 - 499 Guests
2018 Per-Person Ticket Rate $24.25
500 + Guests
2018 Per-Person Ticket Rate $21.75
500 + Guests
2018 Per-Person Ticket Rate $23.25

$1.00 Amusement Tax is included in group price.
2018 TICKET RATES (rates subject to change). Regular Gate Price: $44.99* (Ages 3- 59), $35.99* (Ages 60+). Children 2 years and under are FREE.*Plus $1.00 Amusement Tax

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Group Ticket Policies

Group rates apply when a group leader makes a reservation with our Group Sales office and the minimum number required is met. Tickets must be purchased in advance. All group ticket arrangements must be handled by the authorized group leader. The group leader is responsible for distributing tickets to group members.

Group tickets are issued for one specific day. Tickets may be used on any operating weekday free of charge or on other weekend date by paying the surcharge printed on ticket at Idlewild's Main Gate. Please note, this surcharge option may be waived by picnic organization.

Corporate accounts and established groups with prior booking history can take tickets on a consignment basis. Small groups (25-99) and new accounts are required to pre-purchase tickets.

Tiered group prices are based on the total number of tickets purchased, not the total number of tickets issued. If the ticket purchase does not reach group minimum requirement, the prevailing gate price is charged.

All unsold tickets must be returned to the Park within (14 days after event by hand delivery or certified mail. Net billing is based on total tickets issued, minus tickets returned. Credit will not be given on any ticket returned after the settlement is complete.

Payment terms (including all tickets, catering and additional goods and services) are net 30 days from event date. Payment accepted in the form of cash, credit card and approved picnic organization check (no second-party, cashiers' checks or money orders will be accepted).

Online reservations for group tickets should be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Contact Us Directly for More Information

If you would like more information, please contact us at 724-238-6784 or CONTACT US.

Pricing, attraction availability and hours are subject to change without notice.