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Due to inclement weather and rainfall expected throughout the day, Idlewild will be closed today, Saturday, Oct. 1.  The park will open for HALLOWBOO! at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow, Sunday, Oct. 2.  Tickets dated for today can be used any other HALLOWBOO! date.


Story Book Forest

A stroll through Story Book Forest is another beloved experience for families visiting the park. Featuring a winding path through a real forest, guests visit cottages and other character scenes from fairy tales and nursery rhymes. It provides a great chance for parents and grandparents to revisit their youth as they introduce their own little ones to Mother Goose, Goldilocks and many more.

Originally build in 1956 as a adjacent but separate park, Story Book Forest became a part of Idlewild in the early 1980s. It delights many generations for its relaxing environment, character interactions, and unique vignettes. From Snow White, to the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, to our very own Princess Lily in the Story Book Forest castle, it’s a fairy tale adventure come true!

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