All Summer Dining

Make Your Tummy Smile!

Guests who purchased a 2020 Season Pass during November - April qualified to purchase the All Summer Dining Pass for an additional price. 2020 Dining Passes are no longer available. Please considering buying early next season to ensure you receive this great offer. The All Summer Dining Pass permits a 2020 Season Pass holder to redeem their dining pass at participating locations throughout the park for 2 Combo Meals EVERY visit! Enjoy 1 lunch and 1 dinner, plus 1 popcorn or 1 cotton candy each visit during the 2020 Summer Season.
Just a 4 hour interval between meals. Valid on any regular season operating day through September 7. Limit 2 meals per visit. Guests must stop at the Season Pass Processing Center at Guest Services to activate the Dining Pass before it can be used. DINING PASS DOES NOT INCLUDE ADMISSION TO PARK. DINING PASS EXPIRES SEPTEMBER 7, 2020.

Meal Options and food locations subject to change.

Food Stands:

The Sandwich Factory
Located in Olde Idlewild near the Hillside Theater, The Sandwich Factory offers a wide variety of combo meal choices! Potato Patch
Located in Hootin' Holler's Mineshaft Kitchen, enjoy the classic award-winning Potato Patch Fries with your All Season Dining Pass.
Boardwalk Pizza
Located in Olde Idlewild near the entrance to SoakZone, Boardwalk Pizza offers pizza, hoagies, salads, and more!
Big Zack's
Located in Hootin' Holler's Mineshaft Kitchen. Enjoy several hoagie and salad options with a healthier touch.
Ricky's Grill
Located in Raccoon Lagoon Kiddieland.

Snack Options:

In addition to receiving up to two combo meals per day, the Dining Pass entitles you to one Popcorn or one Cotton Candy every visit! Both snacks are available at the Sweet Treets stand in Olde Idlewild.

Please note: There is no Dining Pass meal options within the SoakZone area of the park. Please refer to the list of stands above and plan accordingly when visiting the SoakZone. All food offerings listed above are subject to change and day-to-day availability.

All-Summer Dining Pass FAQ:

How does the All-Summer Dining Pass work?
Season Pass Holders with an All-Summer Dining Pass will be able to get up to two meals per day at Idlewild and SoakZone. Your Dining Pass must be activated before you can use it. Bring your online voucher to Guest Services, located in Hootin' Holler on your first visit, where it will be added to your Season Pass. After that, simply present your Season Pass ID (with Dining Pass included) at any of the participating locations throughout the park and enjoy lunch and dinner (with only a 4 hour interval between meals) every time you visit!

How many times can I use the pass on any given day?
The All-Summer Dining Pass may be used for up to two meals per day. There must be a minimum four hour wait time between meals. Season Pass Holders may also choose between a complimentary cotton candy or popcorn on each visit.

What is the definition of a meal?
In most cases, a meal means an entrée (such as a hot dog or sandwich) and a side dish (such as French fries, chips or fresh fruit). A few selections such as Salads and two slices of pizza are considered a combo meal.

Can I present all the Dining Passes for my family when they are not present?
Sorry, but no. All Dining Passholders must be present when their ID is scanned for the meal. The Cashier will check the photo associated with that passholder and verify eligibility. One person will not be able to order multiple dining passholder's meals unless all passholders are immediately present.

Can I substitute food items listed for the meal plans?
Sorry, no substitutions. Some meal plans may include multiple choices for a side dish.

What happens if I forget my All-Summer Dining Pass?
Sorry, Season Pass Holders must present their All-Summer Dining Pass to receive complimentary meals, no exceptions.

What happens if I lose my Dining Pass?
There is a $15 replacement fee to replace a lost Season Pass With Dining Pass. Stop at the Guest Services near the General Store in Hootin' Holler to request a replacement pass.

Can I transfer my Dining Pass to a friend or family member?
Dining passes are nontransferable. Guests found to be in violation of this policy may have their Season Passes suspended or revoked.

Does my Dining Pass include drinks?
Drinks are not included with the All-Summer Dining Pass. But we do have Souvenir Cup options available that are sold separately, which you may use for refills all summer.

Idlewild and SoakZone closed before my 4-hour wait period between meals concluded. Can I get my second meal early?
No, there are no exceptions to the 4-hour wait period between meals. While inclement weather does occasionally force Idlewild and SoakZone to close early, All-Summer Dining Passholders cannot receive their second meal unless 4 hours have passed since the initial meal purchase.

I don't currently have a season pass; Can I buy the All-Summer Dining Pass?
No. 2020 Dining Pass are no longer available. Only Season Pass Holders could purchase an All-Season Dining Pass between November and April.

Is my All Summer Dining Pass valid at any sister parks?
No. The Idlewild and SoakZone All Summer Dining Pass is valid at Idlewild and SoakZone only. If you are visiting any of our sister parks, such as Kennywood, Sandcastle, or Dutch Wonderland, you must purchase a Season Passholder of that park and purchase the add-on All Summer Dining Pass for that park in order to enjoy the All Summer Dining options at those parks. The only notable exception would be if you purchase a Pennsylvania Pass (PA PASS), which does have a separate PA Dining Pass optional add-on.

Is my All Summer Dining Pass valid during non-summer special events (e.g. Adventure Days, Fall Fest Weekends, HALLOWBOO!) and other private events?
The All-Summer Dining Pass is only valid during the 2020 Summer Season through September 7, 2020, and cannot be used during Adventure Days, Fall Fest Weekends, Highland Games or HALLOWBOO! or other private or special events such as catered company picnics. The Dining Pass also cannot be used with special vendors that may visit Idlewild and SoakZone such as food trucks or the Italian Day Festa vendors.